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Toilets are certified to work, saving water and benefiting the people Dec 23,2019

"If you don't save water, the last drop of water on the earth will be the tears of humanity." Can you still remember this water-saving public service advertisement? Water is the source of life, but water shortage has become a universal phenomenon worldwide. According to statistics, there are more than 100 countries in the world with different levels of water shortage, and 28 of them are classified as water-deficient countries or seriously water-deficient countries. China is one of the countries with severe drought and water shortage.

The water-saving road begins with a lack of water. At present, there are fewer people in China, and the water shortage in the normal years of the country reaches 50 billion cubic meters. The water safety has fully illuminated the red light. Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", the total water consumption in the country has remained basically stable, with an annual control of 610 billion cubic meters, of which the total domestic water consumption is close to 80 billion cubic meters. Toilet water accounts for more than one-third of domestic water consumption. Therefore, reducing the flushing capacity of the toilet is essential for saving daily water.

Toilet water efficiency certification is necessary. SANITWELL saving water toilet is hot sell for customers,This is responsible for the consumer, so that the consumer can see at a glance, clearly understand the level of water used in the toilet product purchased, the degree of energy consumption, and easy to follow up with their own needs to purchase. In addition, this is also a kind of promotion for enterprises, so that more enterprises have the awareness of energy efficiency and water efficiency, and promote the promotion of the products they produce.

SANITWELL has always adhered to the tenet of quality first, service supreme, fair price and environmental protection. Under the tide of the sanitary industry reform, SANITWELL will face difficulties, strive to improve itself, speed up product upgrades, and meet customer needs. But we never forget that Pursuit Quality and Service first as a fundamental belief of enterprise, strive to forge ahead on the way of specialized production and operation, to provide satisfactory products for customers with high quality and best price. In the future, we will always serve the concept of saving water.

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