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What are the signs that you need a new toilet? Mar 5,2020

Knowing what you can flush and what you can’t down the toilet is a good start to avoiding a blocked toilet – one of the most common plumbing problems.
But even if you practice this good habit and clean your toilet frequently, you can’t expect your toilet to last forever. There will come a time when you will have to replace your toilet before or during a bathroom renovation project.

1. It gets blocked regularly
If you never flush anything in your toilet except that which is allowed but it still needs plunging more than once a week, it may be time to think about replacing this bathroom fixture.
This is especially true if your toilet is already old. Many of the older models require more than one flush to get rid of solid waste. These toilets are also prone to frequent blockages as well.

2. It has cracks and leaks
A crack, even the smallest one, on the tank or bowl of a toilet, can get worse over time. These cracks will cause slow water leaks that can turn into a flood of water if you don’t have the fixture repaired or replaced as soon as possible. And in addition to having to deal with constant puddles of water in the bathroom, you will have to deal with a mould problem soon as well.
To prevent this problem from becoming a full-blown crisis, check your tank and bowl for any cracks when you clean the toilet. In case you spot one, it would be best to replace the toilet before it breaks completely.

3. It has too many scratches and stains
Scrubbing the toilet is a must if you want to keep it hygienic and sparklingly clean.
However, frequent scrubbing and using harsh chemicals can cause this porcelain fixture to get scratches and look really worn out. The whole fixture can even get stains from rusty water as well.
These scratches and stains will even become more noticeable over time. If you frequently clean your toilet tank and bowl but can’t seem to keep it completely spotless, it may be time to buy a new fixture and save yourself the extra effort of maintaining the old one.

4. It is contributing to your large monthly water bills
As already mentioned, many of the older models need more than one flush to get rid of solid waste completely. Think of all the water you’re wasting every time you and the other family members flush twice which will be reflected in your monthly water bill.
If you want to have lower monthly water bills, consider getting a low-flush toilet. This type of toilet uses six litres of water for a full flush which is considerably less than the usual 11-litre flush toilets.
By switching to a low-flush toilet, you will spend less on your water bills and, at the same time, help the environment with the water you save.

5. It is out of date
Even if your toilet is still working properly, if it looks old, consider getting a new one.
Keep in mind that newer models are more comfortable than older ones since they come in different heights and shapes. They come with other features as well. As such, you stand to gain more if you choose to invest in a new toilet.

6. It requires too many repairs
Lastly, frequently fixing water leaks, removing blockages, and replacing small parts such as the handle and flapper can be exhausting. If you keep calling a plumber to do all these things, your expenses will add up over time as well.
Although replacing your toilet requires a bigger expense upfront, you will still save a lot of money in the long run. And with a new fixture, you won’t have to worry about anything needing any repair or replacing soon.

Even if the toilet is one of the strongest fixtures you have in the bathroom, keep in mind that it won’t last forever. Take note of the signs above and how often they happen.

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